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independent expert soil analysis, research and advisory services


Small & Emergent Farmers

  • Affordable soil fertility analysis

  • Agents near you to give practical advice and provide survey options for cooperatives and communities

Large Scale Agribusiness

  • Precision mapping of chemical, biological and physical properties

  • Soil-plant-water modeling and decision-support systems design

  • Land use planning, farm valuation, problem solving

Farm Input Suppliers

  • Build client trust by providing our independent services to your customers

  • Quality control testing of fertilisers, composts, and soil amendments


ntaka enables you to reduce input costs and improve reliability of yields

ntaka advisory services supports you in making the right decisions when faced with uncertainty


Survey & Mapping

Using information from legacy soil maps and remotely sensed imagery,

  • our algorithms optimise soil survey design to meet cost and precision requirements

  • our soil pedologist provides detailed horizon descriptions

  • our field survey team expertly collect soil samples and field measurements (infiltration, compaction, labile-C)

  • our mapping algorithms fuse data efficiently for improved precision at lower cost

Analysis & Advisory

Our dedicated laboratory is fully equipped to provide critical physical, chemical and biological measurements using,

  • mid-infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (MIR DRIFTS FTIR)

  • plan infinity microscopy for precision nematode identification and bacterial:fungal counts

  • standard soils analysis (pH, EC, soil carbon, soil fertility, soil texture, soil hydraulic properties)

  • sample drying, sieving and milling to (10microns)

  • sample splitting (up to 8 standardised replicates)

Research & Development

Action research with farmers and partnerships with international institutions of excellence is focused on,

  • increasing access to soils advisory for underserved communities

  • developing models to assist irrigation planning and day-to-day management

  • providing contextual advisory services that facilitate decision-making

  • reducing risks associated with poor soil management and climate change


ntaka was founded to strengthen the effectiveness of scientific and technical soil expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“we are dedicated to reversing land degradation through the development and support of regenerative agricultural practices that meet the stringent requirements of large-scale commercial and small scale subsistence farmers alike.

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Our Partners


SAIS2 Grant Winners 2019

Dr Benjamin Warr, CEO and founder of BetterWorld Zambia and Project Coordinator of the Ntaka Hyperlocal Soil Health Advisory Services received the grant award from the Southern Africa Innovation Support Programme (SAIS 2) Innovation Fund in Pretoria, December 2018. The project was one of the 12 selected across 5 SADC countries, through the competitive Call for Proposals process and is funded under the Scaling Enterprises thematic window. (second from right).


Grant winners 2016-2019

MUSIKA Development Initiatives (Zambia) provides risk capital supporting ntakas’ innovations to bring soils advisory to underserved communities.